Juxtapoz 15th anniversary benefit party

Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Benefit Party Recap

We'd been teasing you with set up shots from the Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Benefit Party that launched on Sat Nov. 14th. ( the complete set of install shots can be found on the gallery Facebook page)  But, now it's time for you to check out the fruits of our labor. First of all, you know that feeling you got as a kid right before your birthday party was scheduled to start? Well that's generally the same feeling we get every time we open a new show.

So, surely, you can imagine the delight we felt when we looked around and the event space was packed! And as you've seen from the set up photos, that was quite the space to fill.

We'll let the pics tell the rest of the story.


Over 2000 people managed to make their way through the show. Though we made a valiant effort to touch base with everybody we wanted to, it was nearly impossible. The space was inundated with a sea of art lovers, artists and gallerists from all over the country.

There are so many things we would like to say about how incredible the entire experience was, but really, we think that the photos speak for themselves.

Needless to say, it was an immense pleasure working with Sa Studios and Juxtapoz.  Sa Studios' hospitality goes above and beyond. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this landmark event.

The first half of the Jux Benefit Auction has raised over $100,000 for the Detroit Powerhouse Project. The second round opens November 24th @ Charitybuzz.com. All proceeds from both auctions will go towards the goal of buying and renovating 5 houses in Detroit. In an effort to stimulate their local economy, all renovations will be handled by local craftsmen. (Check out PowerHouse Project here).

Progress... Setting up for the Juxtapoz show

Blogging has been a bit difficult since the week has been jammed packed with activities.  But we're catching up. So, here we go... "Weathering the Storm"

Saturday Jeremy's show opened in Laguna. It was beautiful. His work just keeps getting better and better, he's using a lot of colors and the statues are impressive as always. It was especially wonderful to see so many people come down from SF, and all over the place really, to support the silliest of pink bunnies, Mr. Fish. Will Barras even drove down from SF with Lidia, his lovely lady! Check out works from the exhibition here.


After Jeremy's Show, Evan Pricco (managing editor for Jux) and I began the grand task of prepping for the Jux Anniversary Benefit party.  This event is going to be amazing. Seriously.

On Monday we scoped the space and sat down with  SA studios to discuss details.  If you're not familiar with Sa studios, they are the creative agency for Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol. The guys over there are some of the raddest guys of all time. And Mr Cartoon's cars are just unbelievable. Drool Worthy. More than drool worthy.

Now for some shots of the venue pre Jux/UP/Sa studios/ FIFTY24SF   magic......

Later Evan and I took the crane out to do some donuts in the parking lot.... or not. But, we considered it.

Ok so now we've brought you up to speed. Check back for more progress. A week with the Sa boys, Evan, and over 100 pieces of art to get hung...things will be getting interesting in the coming days.


FIFTY24SF heading to LA for the Juxtapoz Benefit Party!!


Yesterday FIFTY24SF piled into various vehicles and headed south for the winter. Err... the week. Our first stop is the Laguna Art Museum to support our dear friend Jeremy Fish and then we're off to help set up for the Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary and Benefit Party!!

We popped in late night at Sa Studios to drop off some final works for the benefit auction and to check out the lay of the land for the event.  Things are looking seriously good.  And by "good" we mean pool in the middle of the event site,  copious amounts of mind blowing art, and badass DJ's  good.

The Juxtapoz Benefit Party will be hosted next Sat. November 14th and is open to the public.

So, If you're in the La area next weekend, first on your list should be the Jux event.  If you know the magazine, you know they've got great taste. Pair that with the go big or go home attitude of Sa Studios and you've got a recipe for greatness...