FIFTY24SF heading to LA for the Juxtapoz Benefit Party!!


Yesterday FIFTY24SF piled into various vehicles and headed south for the winter. Err... the week. Our first stop is the Laguna Art Museum to support our dear friend Jeremy Fish and then we're off to help set up for the Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary and Benefit Party!!

We popped in late night at Sa Studios to drop off some final works for the benefit auction and to check out the lay of the land for the event.  Things are looking seriously good.  And by "good" we mean pool in the middle of the event site,  copious amounts of mind blowing art, and badass DJ's  good.

The Juxtapoz Benefit Party will be hosted next Sat. November 14th and is open to the public.

So, If you're in the La area next weekend, first on your list should be the Jux event.  If you know the magazine, you know they've got great taste. Pair that with the go big or go home attitude of Sa Studios and you've got a recipe for greatness...