alex pardee

Alex Pardee

"Letters from Digested Children" In “Letters From Digested Children,” Alex Pardee pays homage to the children who are eaten by monsters.  Alex states: Each year, thousands of children turn up missing. Some are found. But most, unfortunately, are not. Many of the children are victims of abduction, some are runaways, and a large handful of them . . . have been EATEN by monsters.

Upper Playground releases 10yr Anniversary book.

10 years of the best.

We are taking a short break from our "Move #19 up close tour"  to bring you news about Upper Playground's ten year anniversary book.  Simply put: it's bad ass.

Weighing in at 3 pounds and 10" thick with 612 pages of graphics and artist commentary, this is a better investment than most college text books. Seriously.  A straight up catalog that tracks the evolution of both the company and the work of the artists involved.

Here are some between the sheets shots.


Available at  and for only $40. Congratulations and thanks to Upper playground for bringing us over ten years of  the best artists and graphic tees on the planet.

July First Thursday at Upper Playground PDX

Footage of the the Encore Reception of Alex Pardee's "Self Portraits of Other People That I Drew All By Myself Pretty Much" at Upper Playground PDX on July 2nd, 2009. The event featured the art of Alex Pardee, as well as a raffle for a limited-edition signed Alex Pardee Walrus Rider figurine, beverages provided by Redhook, and music by DJs Deff Ro and Mighty Moves.