Mike Giant

Just Say No

Ako Castuera, Charles Giaubitz, King Edmund, Lisel Ashlock, Luciano Durn, Mike Giant, Sam Flores, Satoshi Kamata & Zephyr

FIFTY24SF out and about for First Friday

First Fridays

FIFTY24SF was out on the town last Friday night, pushing our pedals to the max. From China Town to the Mission and back up through the Haight, we hit every show we could to bring you a taste of what's up on Fridays.

The Skullz Press

First stop- Mike Giant's,  The Skullz Press.

Giant released some new works from the "Las Cholas de Frisco" project and some fresh new illustrations. Check it out...

Mike Giant 2

Next stop...

Popstars and Cokeheads @ The Medicine Agency

Greg Mike's solo show at the Medicine Agency in the China Town was downright impressive. Greg came and threw it down like nobody's business.

Greg Mike 3

Tri- Product @ Fabric 8

Show after show we continued on. We next ventured to Fabric 8 to get a peak at Brett Amory, Adam Caldwell, and David Choong Lee's newest works. This is a must see show. All three artist have distinctly different styles,which is always a plus.

The Infinity Solution @ D-Structure

We ended the night with Joshua Mayes show The Infinity Solution. Mayes has got  a super fly style and absolutely killed it at D-Structure friday night. Stop by to see the works in person.

Upper Playground releases 10yr Anniversary book.

10 years of the best.

We are taking a short break from our "Move #19 up close tour"  to bring you news about Upper Playground's ten year anniversary book.  Simply put: it's bad ass.

Weighing in at 3 pounds and 10" thick with 612 pages of graphics and artist commentary, this is a better investment than most college text books. Seriously.  A straight up catalog that tracks the evolution of both the company and the work of the artists involved.

Here are some between the sheets shots.


Available at UpperPlayground.com  and for only $40. Congratulations and thanks to Upper playground for bringing us over ten years of  the best artists and graphic tees on the planet.