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FIFTY24SF is proud to host “Young Mind, Old Soul”- a solo exhibition by Word to Mother, U.K illustrator and painter. WTM started his informal and formative artistic training with a spray can and thirst for expression at the tender age of 12.  Raised in a small seaside town, the memory of stoney beaches, crashing waves, and weathered seamen drives the story behind Word To Mother’s imagery. While the untold history of the castaway wood or tin on which he paints, lends his work undeniable charm and mystery.


His fascination with the resurrection of the discarded has led him to create some of the most intoxicating and dynamic works on the UK scene today. By integrating his own thoughts, memories and love for life, Word To Mother gives abandoned objects a life force they once lost; enhancing the original beauty of the found treasures while recalling the unspoken history held in the textures, cracks and imperfections of its past.

” I like to use things that have already existed as something else. I like the idea of objects having a past and then re-using them. Taking things that have been discarded by someone, seen as useless and then taking it home and turning it into a painting. For me, a lot of the wood and metal panels I find are beautiful without anything on them, so I try to retain as much of the original texture and colour of the object as possible".


The combined essence of the forsaken objects and WTM’s imagery remind us that we do not have tobe old in days to understand the brilliance of youth and the deference due to the past.

 “For me, the idea of having a Young Mind and an Old Soul is about retaining the freedom of youth, the creative and unrestricted energy to continue to question things and to educate yourself, whilst living with a respect and understanding of the past.”- Word To Mother


 We Invite you to Join us for the Opening Reception of 

"Young Mind, Old Soul"

JULY 2nd, 2009


248 Fillmore St., SF, CA, 94117

Please email for information regarding the preview email.