see you in croatan

Prints from San and Escif for FIFTY24SF Gallery's "See You in Croatan"

In conjunction with San & Esif’s “See You in Croatan” exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery, Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF Gallery is releasing four prints by the Spanish artists.

The prints by San, entitled “I Am a Host of Trophies and Scars” and “I Am Where I Come From“, feature his extremely detailed line-work in earth tones, with the former showcasing a self-portrait. Escif’s prints, “Macarena” and “Morphine“, exhibit his minimal characters in neutral tones.

The prints have been made exclusively for Upper Playground all four prints measure 18″ x 24″ and are silk-screened onto card stock weight papers. Each print is limited to an edition of 50 and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Opening Night Photos: San & Escif "See You in Croatan"

We opened our new gallery show last night at FIFTY24SF Gallery,, featuring collaborative works and concepts by Spanish artists, San and Escif. The two took their road show to the gallery, with various inspirations and artworks about the trip and the process of collaboration featured in the gallery. It is definitely a great show to spend some time with, with intricate details and story lines in each portion of the show. Really great stuff.

All photography by Patrick Kawahara

See you in Croatan: A San & Escif Road Show

San and Escif are traveling down the California coast on a painting trip before they return for their show back up in San Francisco at the gallery. Stay tuned as we update you more on their trip as they prepare for the show. Here's a little snippet of their conversation during the planning process:

[ From Escif (11:02) april 9th Llevo unos días dándole vueltas al proyecto y a la forma en que lo estamos enfocando. La idea de generar un tercer lenguaje me parece que no está funcionando, por lo menos en una valoración práctica. Ciertamente es un camino que debería fortalecerse durante el viaje, pero ya en los previos parece ser un impedimento más que un acierto. Trabajar en equipo es muy complicado, ya lo sabíamos, pero me parece que lo es mucho más cuando no se establecen funciones en el equipo . Es entonces cuando florece una lucha de egos por ver quien dirige la película (esto es una reflexión en voz alta) y es algo que se complica cuando los dos directores implicados (que somos nosotros) tienen maneras de trabajar tan diferentes. ] I´ve been a few days thinking about the project, and about the way we are focusing on it. The idea of generating a third language seems like it´s not working very well, at least not in a practical evaluation. Certainly it is a path that should become stronger during the journey, but in the past experiences it´s seemed to be more an impediment than a right thing to do. Team working is very complex, we already knew it, but I think is lot harder when the functions on the team are not well established. It´s right then when the ego fight flourishes to see who's the one who´s directing the movie (I´m thinking out loud) and its something that gets more complex when two of the directors (you and I) have such different ways of working. [ From San (10:19) april 10th Entiendo todo lo que me dices, creo que hay que ser prácticos, aunque a los dos nos guste tirar para terrenos mas pantanosos en cuanto a lo que solemos hacer por separado. El trabajo en equipo es duro, y mas cuando se trata de perfeccionistas compulsivos como somos, cada uno en su historia, pero es asi. Cuando hice los 2 dibujos que te mande siempre pense en que lo que hacia era retorcer un poco mi trabajo para ir acercandome poco a poco a otra piel, no tanto a inventar un tercer lenguaje. Creo que ahi es donde estaría el punto de la expo. En hacer un esfuero por salir de la retaila de recursos y registros que tenemos cada uno para indagar en algo un poco más impersonal, pero utilizando nuestro power, por supuesto. ] I completely understand what you say, I think we have to be practical, although both of us like to pull on more swampy (tricky) ways despite what we do on our own. Team work is hard and more when people like us, obsessively perfectionist, work together. When I made the 2 drawings that I sent you, I always thought I was twisting my work a little bit to get near little by little to a new “skin”, not to invent a third language. I think that´s exactly where the focus on the expo should be, in making an effort to go out of our safe zone and dig in something a little bit more impersonal (less personal), but using our powers, of course..