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"Character Assassination" A sneak peak, you know you want it....

It's our favorite time of month, install for our latest show, David Choe's "Character Assassination" opening this Friday. Check out some shots from the set up for "Character Assassination"...

The week before an opening reception is an interesting time, we all start to feel the pressure of the countdown, the artist gets final details harnessed, and we get an intimate look at how he/she functions in a studio environment. Late nights painting the gallery walls, hanging work, and shootin' the shit, we are regaled with stories of travel and adventures and we learn more clearly why we love these guys. In a nut shell, it's the time when we re-affirm our obsession with art. Choe is no exception.

Not to be missed, Choe returns to the bay area after almost ten years with a collection of new paintings and a plethora of sold out prints.

We cordially invite you to join us this Friday for the opening reception of

David Choe's

"Character Assassination"

7-9:30 pm