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Erica il Cane Coming November to FIFTY24SF Gallery

Checkout their work at "Breakin' the Wall":

The artists invited to participate in “Breakin’ the Wall” are prominent representatives world urban art: Mudwig (Bristol), Dem (Milan), Fefe Telavera (San Paulo/Madrid), Vova Vorotniov (Kiev), Escif (Valencia), Erica Il Cane (Bologna), Jiem (Lille), SickBoy (London) and Zosen (Barcelona). Their murals will reflect on the identity and existence of the post-1989 generation, as well as the celebrated anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Even though there was no concrete structure to pull down in Wrocław’s history, it is clear that there will be lots of walls to get rid of in the future. Just as the Berliners struggle with the demons of their history, the residents of Wrocław, marked with their own tempestuous past, will have to face problems to solve as well. World War Two and the post-war times had a powerful impact on the mentality of its citizens. What was – and still is – the city we live in? For young people, Wrocław is a blank sheet – they see the burden of its history as a challenge rather than a liability. If our life is conditioned by the past of the place we live in, then it’s the capital of Lower Silesia that appears to be a perfect place for such a confrontation.

Curators: Joanna Stembalska and Sławek ZBK Czajkowski