More Move #19

We know it's been a handful of days, but we do have a couple projects brewing that we will discuss with you in the near future.  Don't think we forgot where we were at on our Get to Know the Artists from Move #19 Tour: Up Close and Personal.  Check back in a few days for some exclusive sneak peeks.

Julie Goldstein

A California transplant from New Jersey, Julie Goldstein is a surfer and a painter who specializes in woodcuts.  She and her husband, Mark Tesi, recently realized their lifelong vision and opened Pine Surf Shop and Gallery located in Long Beach, New York.  Unfortunately, on December 20, 2009 a fire destroyed almost all of Pine Surf Shop – including some unique photos, original art, and vintage surfboards.  However, with remarkable resilience, Goldstein is back on track, making plans to re-launch the store.

Julie’s work draws inspiration from her experience in the surf community and her life in Brooklyn.  She received her MA from Columbia University.  Her technique is the process of drawing on wood blocks, carving, and then printing the cuts onto fabric, canvas, etc.

"Lorene 32"
"Lorene 32"

Bert Queiroz

Bert Queiroz is a musician and photographer from Brooklyn.  His hometown, Washington, DC was his first inspiration for beginning photography, where he shot skateboarders and infiltrated himself into the hardcore and punk scene.  As a way of documenting this music scene for himself and his friends, he began photographing live shows, something he continues doing today.  Some bands he has captured include Queen, the Dickies, Dag Nasty, Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Bad Brains, Embrace, Gray Matter, Sink, Wire, K-Line, The Petrol Emotion, Burnside Project, One Last Wish, Kiss, Bardo Pond, Jawbox, Beefeater, and others.  He has also found an interest in photographing travel.  He says, “Simply put, photography gives me an excuse to travel and traveling gives me an excuse to take photographs.”

Bert’s work has been featured in publications like Spin, NME, Melody Maker, Our Band Could Be Your Life, Gred, Dance of Days, Banned in DC, DC City Paper, Guitar Player, Uno Mas, and Fodor’s Rock & Roll Traveler Guide.

Back album cover for Fugazi's first album