Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood interviewed by Pitchfork for his FIFTY24SF Gallery show

The good people of the highly-influential music website, Pitchfork, have interviewed our very own exhibiting artist, Stanley Donwood, about his new show at FIFTY24SF Gallery (that is up now, go see it, now) as well as doing artwork for a little band called Radiohead.



If you are going to be headed to the Over Normal exhibit in San Francisco, starring Stanley Donwood and a sound installation by Donwood and John Matthias, then you are going to get the physical copy of the Over Normal Newspaper, a nice newsprint pamphlet made in conjunction with the FIFTY24SF show.

But if you happen to live in, let us say, Plymouth, England, then you need to go to and download the PDF so you can experience it like us who sit in the gallery.

Stanley Donwood: Beginning to Explain

Stanley Donwood just posted some hints of what's to come on his website.  Stay tuned for more about his U.S. premiere opening September at FIFTY24SF Forgive me if you've heard some of this before. This starts in L.A. I found myself there once, trying to make artwork. It was the first time I had been to the west coast of America. Part of the massive scale of Los Angeles involves the many advertising materials employed along the multilane highways that dissect the built environment. I was in the car with my notebook, and for something to do I was writing down what all these signs and advertisements had to say. I realised that they only used a very few colours, and the colours were bold, brash, and used in very visually compelling combinations. About ninety per cent of the messages that flicked past my retinas were using seven colours. I noted these colours down; red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black and white. All, I think, made from pigments derived from the petrochemical industry, the same hydrocarbon trade that has made modern Los Angeles possible. The colours were red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black and white. I decided to paint using these colours, straight from the tub. This was some time ago, back in 2003, I think.

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