Opening Night Recap Will Barras

If you are looking to be seduced, look no further. The answer is Will Barras' "Darling, We're Leaving!"  at Fifty24SF Gallery. Will Barras releases moody phantasms from his brush, luring life from board and canvas as a series of smoke and shadows, synapses and sensual beings. City ambrosia permeates each of his works like a new romance. He never associates himself with one particular subject for too long, ranging his work from the subject of wilderness to the more subversive topics of nurses and abstracted appendages. Barras’ has a sharp, observing eye. He knows which street character to paint in epic proportion, which driver to shrink into leathery dull seat, and which car to melt into tidal fog.

The most outstanding quality about Barras’ work is not necessarily the clarity found from fog and smoke, but his ability to work within the parameter of paper and make his characters and strokes break away from the beaten path. -Jenny Ma