Andrea Sonnenberg aka Teen Witch Opening this Thursday Nov. 3rd


FIFTY24SF Gallery is proud to present, My So Called Life, the first solo show of San Francisco-based photographer, Andrea Sonnenberg aka Teen Witch. My So Called Life opens November 3, 2011.

My So Called Life will feature over 50 photographs from Sonnenberg’s body of work, each uniquely hand-printed at Hamburger Eyes lab in SF’s Mission District.

Significant buzz was built around Sonnenberg’s photography after exhibiting works at MOCA’s seminal Art In the Streets graffiti and street art survey, as well as works included in Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano’s “Let’s Go Bombing Tonight” show in Copenhagen, My So Called Life is an accumulation of Sonnenberg’s trademark portrait, graffiti, landscape, action, and day in the life photography. Building off the unique lineage of street photography in San Francisco, Sonnenberg’s unfiltered, raw, and often humorous work has made her an active documentarian of a new generation of SF youth culture. Her intimate portraits of her friends and of herself are often candid, revealing a truth about both the city and the personalities that exist inside. The photos present a world of unbridled optimism and a carefree rebirth of homegrown bohemian culture in the midst of a city preoccupied by technological innovation.

“San Francisco has a lot to do with how I work and what I document,” Sonnenberg says. “There is this energy here, this vibe, that is impenetrable. People born here are obsessed with being native and that sense of pride also shows in people’s actions, which I love to capture.”

Andrea Sonnenberg aka Teen Witch has shown at MOCA in Los Angeles, V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, and Ed. Varie in New York City.

Andrea Sonnenberg grew up in San Francisco surrounded by photographers, graffiti artists, and musicians. By the age of 14, she was photographing and documenting the various exploits of her friends and contemporaries. Their penchant for getting into extremely unique and often dangerous situations became the basis of her body of work. Soon, she began to print her photos by hand at San Francisco’s famed Hamburger Eyes studio. Her work was included in MOCA’s 2010 Art In the Streets retrospective, the United States’ first graffiti and street art survey. Sonnenberg lives and works in San Francisco. This is her first solo exhibit at FIFTY24SF Gallery.