Opening Night "Faces of Life" Recap -MAC

Wow, What a show! Thank you to everybody who came out to the show on Thursday . And a huge THANK YOU to Paperworks Laboratories for their absolutely stunning print "Song of Songs" For those of you that were not able to score a print  at the opening there are still a few available at

As for the opening Reception- the show of support was amazing. 7 o'clock rolled around and a crowd was already forming in front of the gallery doors. By 8 the place was packed to the brim! Fans flocked from far and wide to give props and take in the sights.  Friends flew in from Mac's hometown Phoenix, drove up from La, San Jose, Seattle, and every major graf artist in the city stopped by to say what's up to the man of the hour El Mac.

Visitors had to maneuver their way through the massive crowd swarming Mac to say 'hello' and have their advanced copies of Mac and Retna's new book "Alianza" signed. Mac patiently signed autographs for close to two hours straight. His patience and humility won the crowd over and everybody left more enamored than ever.


Shots from the madness for your enjoyment:


A very special thanks to Juxtapoz Magazine  for providing copies of the subscriber issue # 103 for fans

Upper Playground for releasing advanced copies of "Alianza" ( now available online at

Thomas at Paperworks for his generosity

Alex at Montana Paints for hooking up the supplies

Dan at 1AM gallery for saving the day with the last two cans of black Montana in the entire city!

And everybody who came out to make the show a great success.

Check back for pics of Mac's new mural going up on the side of FIFTY24SF Gallery.