Even More From Move 19 - Chris Shary and Jeff Canham

Chris Shary: If asked to describe Chris in a single word, one's only option is "delightful."  Chris and his work invite you into a world of joy and laughter.  The soundtrack to this world is written and performed by the punk rock bands and its color-scheme is as vivid and exciting as that of Chris's boots (see Move #19- Opening Reception Recap).  His fun-loving personality is transferred onto paper in his beautifully strange linoleum prints.

Humpty Dumpt-Chris Shary

In addition to his prints, Chris has put out a punk/hardcore skate zine and done cover art for The Descendents, All, Armchair Martian, and The Stupids, and more.  He also enjoys passing his creativity along as a high school art teacher and play director in Sacramento, CA.

Jeff Canham:


Jeff Canham is easily one of the most talented designers in San Francisco.  His brilliant use of color and typography are rivaled only by his ability to think outside the box.  The combination of these traits has resulted in Jeff's success as a sign painter at the world-renowned New Bohemian Signs, as an art director at Surfer Magazine from 2000 until 2005, as a designer, illustrator, and painter.  The flags, waves, and other intriguingly odd design elements will leave you staring endlessly, through what originally seemed relatively simple, into the perfectly constructed paintings.