Anthony Lister

“Magic Trick” Anthony Lister’s creations are described as brilliant, broken and abstracted figural works depicting the darker side of both heroes and villains. His fractured renderings place them as imperfect and exaggerated, post-post-modern opposites to how they were conceived – as symbols of modernist humanism. Lister’s work is a reflection and interpretation of the constant bombardment of media, and its relationship with the viewer. His mixed media technique of utilizing various types of paint, from spray paint to watercolor to acrylics, gives his work a depth that has made him one of the most sought-after contemporary artists today.

Lister has had solo and group exhibitions around the world and has received numerous awards including the Mosman Art Prize (2006), Prometheus Art Award (2005) and Metro 5 Award. He and his work have been featured in international publications including Arktip, Lino Magazine, Overspray Magazine, Oyster Magazine, The New York Times, among many others.