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(San Francisco, US)

Silver was born and raised in SF and has been a bike messenger since 1991. His photography is often featured in Hamburger Eyes and has been in many publications from Tokion to Nylon. He has also been a part of numerous gallery shows across the U.S. and in Europe and Japan. Aside from the fine art world, Silver has been an icon in underground street art and publishing some of the seminal 'zines to come from the Bay Area over the last 15 years.



Dave Potes' primary aesthetic is in documentary photography, focusing on people and landscapes. In 2001, after many years of producing small, limited edition zines, David, his brother Ray Potes and Stefan Simikich began publishing a quarterly black and white photography magazine called Hamburger Eyes.

Alongside his work as a commercial, editorial, and art photographer, David continues to focus his attentions on publishing limited edition zines and books. He is currently based in New York.

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Dream Chaser Ride On, To all those who have not yet warmed their feet next to the warmth of Nate Valensky’s forest fire; I can only wish that one would feel the feather of bliss flying down a steep hillside after a glass of fine tequila and dried bananas. Nate will inspire one to find wealth in the release of what is not important, enabling the light of what is to shine through. Comparable to walking through a freshly burned pine forest in the Upper Cascade range looking for worms to feed your sick friend the mountain lion. Creating flow like a fresh rattle snake bite, Nate can be the one that sells you your ticket to board the bus to freedom. Whisking ones feet away with the dance of his brush and the flowering of unique color that lathers the mind with a creamy butter of goodness and purity. Approach Nate Like a bubbling stream you may come upon during a journey into a beautiful new world, dip your feet in, cleanse the soul, and fill your moose blatter to the brim, because it could be many moons before you come across something this good again. - Jonathan Oliver Stein -

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(1978, Birmingham, England)

Lucy Mclauchlan is a contemporary artist from Birmingham, England. She is part of the "Beat 13!" collective.

In the era of extensive preparation using digital tools, Lucy is noted for her use of permanent materials and a one-take philosophy. In her deft hands this unedited process still results in considered and surprisingly slick executions. While working mainly in black and white she creatures a world rich in experience, and ruled by a passionate instinct.

Lucy's art combines ancient, almost prehistorical influences with a graphic modernist sensibility. The creative epoxy that binds these two disparate references together is Lucy's clear personal vision, resulting in the immediately recognizable style that is a hallmark of many memorable artists. A diaspora of other influences including art deco, psychedelia, naturalism and contemporary female figurative work consolidate its spellbinding charm. Four artworks from Lucy are featured in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert museum.

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