Not to be M.I.S.S. ed

M.I.S.S. is the premier women’s online lifestyle magazine covering fashion, art, beauty, music and design. Founded by Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee and Liz Baca, the two sought to create a space that highlighted the talents and achievements of women, while also covering events and products for ladies and issues concerning women. With a cumulative 23 years in the fashion industry with experience in product design, product development, styling, photography, event planning and brand development, Baca and Davi-Khorasanee bring a keen insight and a refreshing perspective to the things they love. From haute couture to limited-edition kicks with matching manicures, M.I.S.S. is for fashion forward ladies who know style is something you’re born with and can’t buy . . . it’s all how you put it together.M.I.S.S. and FIFTY24LA Gallery Present “Paper Dolls”

A Group Show Displaying New Works by Artists & Their

Interpretation of the Paper Doll