Kelly Nicholson and Billy Sprague

Welcome to the 3rd installment of the "get to know the 19th installment of the MOVE"... Next up on our tour:  Kelly Nicholson and Billy Sprague.

Though still a bit underground this girl's got a hold on things. In fact, in the picture below, the dagger is actually carved out of mushroom. I know right? and no, you can't have a nibble.

a quick bio and then some art...

Kelly Nicholson

Kelly Nicholson is an environmental educator and artist with a strong understanding of the “interconnectedness of all things”.  She was born and raised on a rustic farm in Ohio, the place she claims as the inspiration for many of her processes and ideas.  From Ohio, she moved to Brooklyn, NY, then on to Bolinas, CA where she now resides.  Her concern for the preservation of our environment combined with her use of all natural materials show her aspiration to connect art with environmental education.

thats correct, it's a mushroom.

And now for some  Billy Sprague:

Billy Sprague

Billy Sprague is a music enthusiast, sound artist, and artist from Oakland, CA.  Born in 1974 in Chicago, Billy makes art in various mediums including: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, film and slide manipulation, screen/gocco printing, acrylic and bronze casting, stencil art, wood/linoleum cuts and many more.  He is the creator of his own independent music label, Rocket Racer and is known to be an all around good guy.

do you see the tiny dots?

During the install Billy was hanging his work and he spent a lot of time looking at the wall. At first I thought he was contemplating the fine structure of the wall, but later I noticed the dots. Rad.


Billy has exhibited in galleries across the United States and England.  He has most recently been shown in Brooklyn, Oakland, and Berkeley.  His first solo show was at Pehrspace in Los Angeles.

We will return. with more.