Ericailcane Prints now available

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Correlating with the opening of Ericailcane’s “We Were Living in the Woods” show at FIFTY24SF Gallery, we’re releasing a line of low edition prints – five etchings printed by Ericailcane in his studio on found and Magnani “Havana” paper and two screen prints made by Squadro on 300 gsm Fabriano white paper – all in various sizes.

The etchings on found paper come from two different sources. Ericailcane speaks of finding the paper: “The first, is paper of an 1800’s french book ‘La Vie de la perfection’ that I found in a flea market. The book is from a monastery in France and is about teaching monks to reach the right way for illumination, the second set of prints is on paper that I found in an abandoned train factory in Italy. The paper is from 1952. The writings are about credits and debits of the train factory”

AMADEO(4” x 7”) is limited to edition of 16, LA CASA DELL’ALBERO (4” x 7”) is limited to edition of 25 and PAOLO MARCHI USURAIO (8” x 12”) is limited to an edition of 25.

The SERVAL (14” x 22”) print was first etched on plexiglass and printed on 200 gsm 100 % cotton Magnani “Havana” paper.  It comes in two versions: black and white in an edition of 23 and a hand watercolored version limited to an edition of 4. Magnani is a traditional Italian paper company which has been producing high-quality paper since 1404.

The screen prints, SCARPE VERDI and PICCIONI were made by Squadro, a renowned portuguese designer with showrooms in Sao Paolo and Belo Horizonte.  The two screen prints are finished with a flocking and printed on 300 gsm Fabriano white paper – both are limited to an edition of 150.