A Stuffed Cake by Blu

We've been following FAME festival because all of our favorites are there but especially like the story behind this Blu piece: From FAME's blog:

"one of the main cultivations here in Grottaglie is Olives, there are thousands beautiful threes in the fields and some of them are more then a hundred years old. one of the main shapes of our ceramic tradition is the ivory dish, the artisans of the ceramic district handcut little sponges to sop em up in ceramic ink and paint the blu stars along the borders while the ivory glace is still fresh on the terracotta. another thing that made our little town famous in these last years is our special wastes dump.

southern italy is in real deep shit with the trash business (seen this movie ?). Grottaglie did not need the dump at all and people in town were not given any warn before it was already being built. guess how come?!? now we have trash coming from very far away and the dump seems to get bigger and bigger, there already are three huge lots full of trash and trucks get here daily from northern europe to deliver more shit.

this piece comes in the very right moment, considering that there are workers diggind another huge hole in the ground near the dump. there are reasons to believe that they are going to create a fourth lot and again, our formidable town concillors are not telling anything to their own people. how morbid is this?

italian readers can find a lot more infos here

now, being this is a very personal interpretation, i’ll leave you to the full picture, so you can get your own idea about it."